emergency injunctive relief

When a company is facing an imminent threat to its business interests or confidential information because of the unlawful actions of competitors, former employees, or the government, Conrad O'Brien lawyers on the Firm's "Rapid Response Team", led by Frank Emmerich, get the call—and with good reason.  The  team brings the unique ability to quickly understand your business interest, garner the necessary facts, construct a plan to protect your interest, and convince a court to immediately stop the threat to your business or prevent the competitor from stopping your legitimate business interests. 

Every minute that the business is facing this emergency counts: business opportunities are lost or confidential information is transported away in electronic media. The Firm has put together a select team of lawyers who have substantial experience in getting businesses and individuals injunctive relief from getting immediately into court to secure a temporary restraining order to ultimately having a permanent injunction order put in place. There is no learning curve here…just simply lawyers experienced and ready to stop the harm with a court order quickly. 

In the last few years, members of the Rapid Response Team have sought and received injunctive emergency relief for their clients in federal and state courts. The matters have included trade secret protection, intellectual property, security breaches, constitutional issues, usurpation of business opportunities, bid protests, covenants not to compete, theft, and much more. No matter the emergency, Conrad O'Brien is ready to help and prevent any business losses.  Our lawyers will assess all the facts, come up with a case strategy —which will include interactions with the media -- and get into court or the relevant government agency--yesterday. We are aware that every second our clients are dealing with emergencies, they are not focusing on their goals and strategies. Our job is to manage and mitigate the emergencies and keep our clients solely focused on the business at hand. Importantly, after the emergency has ended, our team will make recommendations to insure the client does not face the situation again, if possible. And we will do this free of charge.

Recent Representative Cases

  • Obtaining the repeal of a municipal ordinance which would have precluded the client from conducting business in that municipality;
  • Enforcing an architect’s copyright to its plans for a $33M hotel;
  • Protecting the trade secrets for an alternative energy project;
  • Enjoining the award of public bids;
  • Defeating an effort to enforce a trademark on a client’s winery.