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Despite deliberately keeping a low profile in the media, Conrad O'Brien has established itself as the insider’s law firm – the lawyers to call when your Fortune 500 company or AmLaw 100 law firm is facing critical litigation. The Firm provides first-rate litigation services to the country’s leading businesses, as well as AmLaw 100 law firms in high-stakes cases. Its string of victories, particularly in legal malpractice cases, has confirmed Conrad O’Brien’s reputation as a law firm’s law firm. 

Conrad O’Brien is the sum of many exceptional parts, and for more than 25 years its attorneys have been singularly dedicated to resolving litigation matters in favor of the Firm’s clients. The success enjoyed by the Firm has earned its attorneys new business from around the country – true bet-the-company problems, and prestigious assignments opposing law firms with ten times as many attorneys. Conrad O’Brien’s attorneys work hard to resolve all of their clients’ matters behind the scenes, and when that’s not possible, they do what they do best: take their cases to trial and win.