electronically stored information (esi)

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is often a significant component of complex commercial litigation, government investigations, and white collar criminal matters.  With the increasing volumes of business and personal information created and stored in electronic form, companies and individuals face substantial and evolving risks and burdens associated with the identification, preservation, collection, review and production of ESI. 

In addition to their active practices in substantive areas of the law, the attorneys in Conrad O’Brien’s ESI Practice Group have real world experience and know-how to guide the Firm’s clients through all aspects of the electronic discovery process, including the following: 

  • Preparation and issuance of litigation holds and preservation protocols;
  • Planning and implementation of company-wide collection measures;
  • Maximization of early case assessment tools to distill massive quantities of collected ESI into defensible and cost-effective reviewable sets of data;
  • Negotiating and crafting creative solutions with opposing counsel and law enforcement personnel;
  • Review of internal ESI systems to evaluate litigation readiness; and
  • Analysis of system breaches, with the aid of sophisticated forensic support.

Conrad O’Brien’s attorneys thoroughly assess electronic discovery and forensics vendors, as well as software offerings, to ensure that we can advise and collaborate with our clients on a reliable and cost-effective approach to their ESI needs.