intellectual property litigation

Conrad O’Brien attorneys are active in protecting our clients’ interest in intellectual property.  We handle copyright and trademark litigation, over the years representing artists, record label distributors, technology companies, publishers, software developers, and clothing designers in litigation involving trademarks and service marks, trade dress in packaging and design, and copyright infringement.  We also represent clients in both defending against and prosecuting claims of unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, false advertising, unfair selling practices, trade libel, and the improper acquisition or disclosure of confidential and proprietary information.

Conrad O’Brien has achieved successful outcomes for our clients in the following representative matters:

  • In representing a nationally recognized architectural firm, Conrad O’Brien successfully obtained an order enjoining a hotel development team from continued use of architectural plans created by our client.  
  • Conrad O’Brien attorneys obtained a favorable settlement for a company that developed confidential and trade secret information concerning the development of innovative green technology.  The settlement provided the client a return on its investment as well as a financial stake in the deployment of the technology. 
  • When a client’s entertainment center was facing reputational harm through cybersquatting and false advertising initiatives, Conrad O’Brien achieved the shutdown of the offending website and use of a confusingly similar trade name by defendants. 
  • Conrad O’Brien attorneys obtained a settlement for our client, a manufacturer of continuous temperature monitoring devices used in connection with the storage of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive materials, providing it with monetary and injunctive relief in trademark, copyright and antitrust lawsuits. 
  • Conrad O’Brien attorneys defended a musician in a $33 million copyright and Lanham Act claim, a small business owner in a $3 million trademark case, a start-up vineyard in a trademark matter, and a nationally-recognized sculptor for whom we successfully petitioned for an award of attorney’s fees. 
  • Conrad O’Brien attorneys represented an inventor and his companies in a patent infringement action in federal district court in Pennsylvania.  Following a two-week trial, we secured a judgment in favor of our clients, and obtained an affirmance of the judgment on appeal.
  • Conrad O’Brien has served as spinal implant litigation counsel for one of the fastest growing medical device companies in the orthopedic industry since its inception in 2003.  The firm’s initial representation began when a competitor of our client, one of the largest companies in the spine industry, filed a series of lawsuits seeking in excess of $100 million based on claims that our client had misappropriated the competitor’s intellectual property and committed trademark violations, among other things.  After mounting a vigorous defense, Conrad O’Brien assisted in brokering a highly favorable global settlement of the lawsuits.